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CCCI - Continuously Improving the Liveability of Chinchilla

The Five Pillars Of Liveability

CCCI - Continuously Improving the Liveability of Chinchilla

As a community representative body, the range of possible roles for our organisation is broad. Through our consultation there was one unifying theme all participants agreed upon, this being the high importance we all place on liveability within our community.

“Liveability is the sum of the factors that add up to a community’s quality of life—including ( 1 ) built and natural environments, ( 2 ) economic prosperity, ( 3 ) social stability and equity, ( 4 ) educational opportunities and ( 5 ) cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.”

These five ( 5 ) pillars formed a framework to organise all the suggestions gathered from our consultation process. Initiatives developed from ideas at our workshops have been refined and allocated to one of the core pillars.

Chinchilla Business Advisory Board (CBAB) holds monthly meetings to share, support and discuss issues affecting business for the mutual benefit of all attendees.People driving businesses often find that their jobs are lonely.  For some, the issue may be that they have yet to build trust in any person or group to provide ongoing, meaningful guidance.  For others, the complexity and speed of their business makes it difficult to reach out for help on any particular topic.In these and similar cases, the Chinchilla Business Advisory Board provides the degree of consistency, longevity and background knowledge to advise reliably on particular issues.  CBAB seeks to source information with the goal to support and improve profitability and sustainability of local businesses.New members are always welcome.




The aim of BEST is to build cooperative, productive relationships between schools, industry, and business. 

The aim of the information session is to obtain interest and a commitment in setting up a BEST group in Chinchilla

BEST Mission Statement

  • Education
  • Career Pathways
  • Skills Development


 Framework and commitment – BEST Chinchilla

  • Committee members - monthly meetings
  • Representatives from business, students, school & community
  • Improved career development of Year 10-12
  • Key focus on preparing year 12 for entering workforce
  • Better understanding between schools & business to shape educational programs
  • Improve local post school employment outcomes for the youth of Chinchilla
  • Expand on the “taste a trade” and to involve non-trade professions
  • Other business readiness skills (resumes, employer expectations)
  • Covers all industries throughout the Chinchilla economy

Contact Us

PO Box 579


Queensland, 4413

Fax: 07 4668 9758

Tel. 07 4668 9172