Chinchilla Weir Project


Driven by the Chinchilla community and the opportunity to grow Chinchilla’s tourism market, the CCCI is investigating the need for and benefits of, upgrades to the Chinchilla Weir public areas.

Motivated by the need to improve liveability, increase local recreational areas and the economic benefits presented by tourism for our community, the CCCI sees opportunity in improving and building upon our natural resources and current infrastructure at the Weir.


Chinchilla Weir was built in 1973 consisting of a concrete faced earth-fill structure across the Condamine River. The recreational facilities include a boat ramp, floating pontoon, toilets, picnic tables & shelters, BBQ’s, rubbish bins, 12 powered camping sites.


  • Seasonal conditions and Industry activities lead to great fluctuations in water levels throughout the year
  • Weir functionality and operating regulations are focused to agricultural/urban water storage. I.e. all excess water entering the Weir is currently allocated to water licenses both up and down stream
  • Silt build up and logs/stumps create dangerous obstacles for water sports at lower storage levels
  • Environmental concerns and local geology will present as issues to proposed action items. E.g. clearing the logs and stumps will likely affect recreational fishing and the existing eco-system
  • Complicated ownership – Sunwater owns the toilet block / Main Roads owns the Pontoon. WDRC has a very small footprint
  • Current recreational infrastructure is limited, in poor condition and used past capacity in peak times


  • The Chinchilla Weir project is an integral part of securing Chinchilla’s liveability and capturing a greater share of the tourism drive market who are already attracted to the free camping at the Weir
  • The site is ideally located close to the township and its connectivity is supported by a reasonable road network
  • Local recreational opportunities keep more discretional spending in our community
  • Most prominent body of water locally


That funding be sought to create a masterplan for the project from which budgets and timeframes can be determined. Master plan to include additional required facilities (showers, paths, roads etc.) A bikeway to link Chinchilla town to the weir. and recommendation as to water management and planning. With this critical path established the CCCI, WDRC and the community can work together to a common goal.


For further information contact Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry Manager Robyn Haig, M. 0407 554 862