Regional Arts Trail


With the success of various Mural Silo trail project’s in other region in Australia, it is proposed that the CCCI initiate a similar project not only for Chinchilla but the greater Western Downs & Maranoa regions.

It is proposed this Arts Trail would make its way through the Western Downs, travelling south west from Dalby off the Moonie Hwy, following the Sunset Way to Surat then heading North to Roma and heading back east along the Warrego Highway to Dalby. The possible sites for Silo Art work would be Tara, Meandarra, Wallumbilla, Dulacca, Chinchilla & Brigalow with the possibility of other structures being used at sites where silo’s are not available. This project could include a point of difference to those already existing by including lighting to enable viewing at night. We could also propose to challenge the artists to include an interactive style selfie location within the Mural. This would be a point within the viewing area where a picture taken at the right angle would appear as though the person within the photograph became part of the image, with the popularity of social media this would generate a lot of free publicity for the Silo Trail.

This project would generate increased tourism, fill motels and caravan parks, stimulate the local economy and generate extra revenue for local community and charity groups. Driven by a recognised opportunity to increase tourism for the Western Downs & Maranoa.


  • Western Downs & Maranoa are currently lacking significant tourism drive for the region, apart from Bi-Annual events in the region such as the Chinchilla Melon Festival, Tara Camel Races or the Annual Easter in the Country in Roma.
  • The economy of the Western Down’s & Maranoa regions would benefit from a more regular stream of tourism income
  • Previous Silo projects across QLD and Victoria have illustrated that they are a long-term project and require an investment of around $100K per location


Success of other mural silo trail projects in recent years, a Western Downs Silo Trail would piggyback on the idea to create our own silo tourist route. Contact has been made with the Thallon Progress Association, Yarriambiack Shire Council (Silo Trail in Victoria), Grain Corp, Tara futures group, Meandarra, Wallumbilla Town Improvement Group, Tourism & Events QLD as well as Arts QLD who have all provided valuable information, including lessons learnt, budgets needed, processes to follow, and who to talk to. Discussions with WDRC highlighted the benefits of murals for the region, but also that the initiative needs to be led by community groups.


  • Grow Western Downs & Maranoa tourism numbers all year round with Murals on the Grain Corp Silo’s.
  • By joining projects together in a ‘trail’ we will be able to share information and support in the planning stages and maxamise the impact of each individual project for the benefit of the local and regional communities
  • Great positioning for tourism / parking. Plenty of room for tourists to pull over and view the Silo’s up close without interrupting traffic flow or creating danger
  • Re direct the focus of Western Downs as not just a Gas / Resource hub, to a tourist destination
  • Grain Corp have expressed interest in leasing their silos and have already provided the CCCI with details on how to move forward


A “Western Downs & Maranoa silo Art Trail” committee to be formed consisting of community groups and business members to work together gaining community input into design subjects and ideas. It is important for the communities to have ownership of the silos and what they stand for. Initiate further discussions with both the Western Downs and Maranoa Councils to facilitate further understanding of ongoing responsibilities with site maintenance and viewing areas. Funding be sought to design and create Murals and formulate a master plan for Grain Corp Silos in the Western Downs & Maranoa Region.

Further Opportunity

To jump on board with and take advantage of Queensland’s Sunset Way & Warrego Way Tourist route marketing. Discuss with local community groups the potential to look at projection murals as an option to painted murals, these would only be able to be viewed at night thus virtually ensuring overnight stays at each location and boosting the local economy.

Next Steps

Make formal contact with all interested parties to form the “Regional Arts Trail Committee”.

Obtain a ‘Site status Report’ from each potential site

Obtain/develop support tools and documents to assist each site

Investigate further costs for each site with regards to viewing areas, safety barriers, roadworks etc.

Seek seed funding to develop a Master Plan for the entire trail

Submit Grant applications.


For further information contact Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry Manager Robyn Haig, M. 0407 554 862